Junior Ranch Riding added for 2020

Open Ranch Riding will be divided into Junior Ranch Riding and Senior Ranch Riding.


Membership structure changes


In the past memberships were confusing. They kind of went with the horse, sometimes the exhibitor. Families with multiple horses paid a lot.

Starting in 2020 your QHAA membership is simply on the person, show as many horses as you want.

And remember you do not have to be a QHAA member to show. But, to save money by using the all inclusive fee, or to be eligible for all of those cool year end awards you do want a membership.

Here is the new rule:


a. A $60 individual QHAA membership is required from the owner and the exhibitor to be eligible for year end awards in AQHA classes. 

b. QHAA memberships are required from the owner to be eligible for the all- inclusive show fee. 

c. Owner and exhibitor must be QHAA members for QHAA stake or QHAA futurity classes.

d. QHAA memberships are not required for partner association classes (NSBA futurity classes, NRHA, ABRA, etc.)  Most Gold Rush futurity classes  do not require a QHAA membership because they are NSBA.

All memberships need to be bought on-line, not from the show secretary at the show. Click here and it's easy.


Clarification of Supreme Halter Judging

Canadian National Quarter Horse Show

The Supreme Halter Champion is a non AQHA class. The determination of the winner will be as follows:

  1. It will be one award, all sex divisions combined.
  2. At the conclusion of the regular halter all winners of a Grand Champion award are invited to reenter the ring to be rejudged. Exhibitors and horses must be ready and immediately enter the ring at the direction of the Ring Steward.
  3. Individual judges will pick the best horse of the class and the winner will be determined by the combined placing of all the judges based on a numerical score system.
  4. Prior to the class, tie a breaking judge will be randomly selected.


Did you know?

New for 2020 - Directives from the AQHA to show management and judges

Did you know that the AQHA executive has directed shows to line up Grand and Reserve Grand winners in front of the judge(s)?

Did you know that halter horses can now be show with the new "safety lead"? And that it is mandatory that judges inspect the gum area for inflammation?  


2020 AQHA Canadian Summit

Saskatoon Saskatchewan February 14-16




2020 AQHA Canadian Summit

We are excited to formally invite you to attend the inaugural AQHA Canadian Summit, hosted February 14-16, 2020, in Saskatoon!  All current AQHA members are invited to attend. The AQHA Canadian Summit will be held in conjunction with the Canadian Quarter Horse Association (CQHA) annual general meeting, as well as the Saskatchewan Equine Expo. Please see below for a tentative agenda. 

An AQHA summit is conducted every other year for each membership region. Topics of discussion during the summit include but are not limited to international department specific and general AQHA news, task force updates, rule changes, funding structures, educational seminars and any other information that’s pertinent to the region.

At the summit, AQHA, in partnership with the Canadian Quarter Horse Association, is also pleased to provide judge education on February 16th. Please note that the judging seminar and summit day are  available to attend free for current AQHA members.

Friday, February 14 CQHA     Annual General Meeting - 5:30 PM
*Reception begins at 3:00 pm

Saturday, February 15 Business Summit Day - 8:00 AM
Sunday, February 16 Judge Education Day  -  8:00 AM

We hope that you will join us in Saskatoon for the inaugural  AQHA Canadian Summit this February! If you have any questions or are interested in a full itinerary or hotel information, please contact international@aqha.org.     

Please submit your RSVP for the AQHA Canadian Summit to international@aqha.org no later than January 16, 2019.


Text Box:


How to reach AQHA International

Email: international@aqha.org
   Phone: +1-806-376-4811
   Fax: +1-806-349-6408
   Facebook: facebook.com/AQHA.International

Dr. Anna Morrison – Chief     International Officer
   +1-806-378-4333 (office)
   +1-970-420-4124 (mobile/WhatsApp)

Charlie Sokolov – Executive     Secretary to Chief International Officer
   +1-806-378-4347 (office)

Sierra Kane – Director of     International Activities
   +1-806-378-4366 (office)
   +1-801-915-8215 (mobile/WhatsApp)

Ashley Baller – Manager of Multilingual Resources and Communication
   +1-806-378-4337 (office)

Canadian Summit Agenda

click for the detailed times of the summit

Canadian Summit Agenda - Final (pdf)


Most Valuable QHAA Professional 2019 Pat Ross!!


Congratulations to those trainers who were nominated to be Alberta's Most Valuable Professional. Congratulations to Pat Ross for winning!. Alberta is lucky to have a group of Professionals that uphold the ethical standards of our industry and work hard to support our youth and amateurs. The list of Alberta trainers that are deserving of this award is long and not limited just to those nominated.  

The Alberta Nominees were:

Tyrel Poier

Deserie Rieu

Pat Ross

Lisa Schiestel

Lindsay Soderberg

New awards from the Canadian Quarter Horse Association!!


Nominate a deserving person today.

Canadian AQHA Ranch Horse Breeder of the Year

Canadian AQHA Performance Horse Breeder of the Year

Canadian AQHA Best Remuda of the Year

Canadian AQHA Trainer of the Year

Canadian AQHA Youth Of the Year

Rising Star Award

Leadership Development Award

Our Class Sponsors for 2019

Photo courtesy of HD2 Sports Media

Canadian National Quarter Horse Show Sponsors

Westerner Park, Red Deer, AB

August 21 - 25, 2019

Sponsor Classes

Moore Equine Veterinary Center 1 - Pleasure Driving - Open

Leslie McCleave 2 - Pleasure Driving - Amateur

Alberta Vet Centre 3 - Showmanship At Halter Youth - Level 1

3R - Showmanship At Halter Youth - Rookie

46 - Trail 13 And Under - Youth

Barry Foote/Sandy Land Stables 4 - Showmanship 13 And Under - Youth

27 - Select Western Horsemanship - Amateur

34R - Reining Amateur - Rookie

50 - Trail 14-18 - Youth

The Massie Family 5 - Showmanship 14-18 - Youth

36 - Junior Reining - Open

153 - Small Fry Trail - Walk/Trot 9 & Under (Non AQHA)

WEI's Western Wear 6 - Showmanship At Halter Amateur - Level 1

6R - Showmanship At Halter Amateur - Rookie

Haffner Family 7 - Select Showmanship At Halter - Amateur

38 - Reining - Amateur

65 - Select Hunter Under Saddle - Amateur

72 - Hunt Seat Equitation Youth - Level 1

72R - Hunt Seat Equitation Youth - Rookie

Kerri Sparrow 8 - Showmanship At Halter - Amateur

Lethbridge Dodge Chrysler Jeep 9 - Two-Year-Old Western Pleasure - Open

76 - Select Hunt Seat Equitation - Amateur

The Devet Family 10 - Western Pleasure Open - Level 1

29 - Ranch Riding - Open

White Rose Embroidery 11 - Western Pleasure Youth - Level 1

11R - Western Pleasure Youth - Rookie

39 - Reining - Youth

77 - Hunt Seat Equitation - Amateur

Manitoba Quarter Horse Association 12 - Western Pleasure 13 And Under - Youth

49 - Trail - Amateur

The Lehmann Family 13 - Western Pleasure 14-18 - Youth

37 - Select Reining - Amateur

45 - Trail Youth - Level 1

45R - Trail Youth - Rookie

Bitz Show Horses 14 - Junior Western Pleasure - Open

Kathy's Show Equipment 15 - Western Pleasure Amateur - Level 1

15R - Western Pleasure Amateur - Rookie

59 - Hunter Under Saddle Open - Level 1

70 - Walk Trot Hunt Seat Equitation Youth - Level 1


Sponsor Classes

Ranch By Design 16 - Select Western Pleasure - Amateur

67 - Senior Hunter Under Saddle - Open

71 - Walk Trot Hunt Seat Equitation Amateur - Level 1

Empire Oilfield 17 - Western Pleasure - Amateur

Justin Burwash/Super 8 Cochrane 18 - Senior Western Pleasure - Open

Sparkle & Shine Show Design - Shannon Peacock 19 - Walk Trot Western Pleasure Youth - Level 1

62 - Hunter Under Saddle 14-18 - Youth

Zoetis Canada 20 - Walk Trot Western Pleasure Amateur - Level 1

26 - Western Horsemanship Amateur - Level 1

26R - Western Horsemanship Amateur - Rookie

28 - Western Horsemanship - Amateur

30 - Ranch Riding Amateur - Level 1

30R - Ranch Riding Amateur - Rookie

44 - Trail Amateur - Level 1

44R - Trail Amateur - Rookie

63 - Junior Hunter Under Saddle - Open

75 - Hunt Seat Equitation Amateur - Level 1

75R - Hunt Seat Equitation Amateur - Rookie

Moore Equine Veterinary Centre 21 - Walk Trot Western Horsemanship Youth - Level 1

Stacy Huska/Excel Supplements 22 - Walk Trot Western Horsemanship Amateur - Level 1

25 - Western Horsemanship 14-18 - Youth

43 - Trail Open - Level 1

53 - Western Riding Amateur - Level 1

Treliving Family 23 - Western Horsemanship Youth - Level 1

23R - Western Horsemanship Youth - Rookie

Quarter Horse Association Of Alberta 24 - Western Horsemanship 13 And Under - Youth

32 - Ranch Riding Youth - Level 1

41 - Walk Trot Trail Amateur - Level 1

54 - Western Riding Youth - Level 1

54R - Western Riding Youth - Rookie

60 - Hunter Under Saddle Youth - Level 1

60R - Hunter Under Saddle Youth - Rookie

61 - Hunter Under Saddle 13 And Under - Youth

68 - Walk/Trot Youth Hunter Under Saddle - Level 1

69 - Walk/Trot Amateur Hunter Under Saddle - Level 1

151 - Small Fry Western Horsemanship - Walk/Trot 9 & Under

Anne Banman 31 - Ranch Riding - Amateur

48 - Select Trail - Amateur

April & Stan Wooster 33 - Ranch Riding Youth

Barry Foote/ Sandy Land Stables 34 - Reining Amateur - Level 1

57 - Western Riding - Amateur

Jones Boys 35 - Reining Youth - Level 1

35R - Reining Youth - Rookie

Cinda & Richard Sander 40 - Senior Reining - Open

Bangsund Farms Ltd 42 - Walk Trot Trail Youth - Level 1

Stan & Bonnie Quance 47 - Junior Trail - Open

150 - Small Fry Showmanship - Walk/Trot 9 & Under (Non AQHA


Sponsor Classes

Patti Wood Show Horses 51 - Senior Trail - Open

Conti Show Horses 52 - Western Riding Open - Level 1

Stacy Muska/Excel Supplements 53R - Western Riding Amateur - Rookie

Barb Stewart St 55 - Western Riding - Youth

Lethbridge Dodge Chrysler Jeep / Barb Stewart 58 - Western Riding - All Ages

Hi Pro Feeds 64 - Hunter Under Saddle Amateur - Level 1

64R - Hunt Seat Equitation Amateur - Rookie

154 - Small Fry Hunt Seat Equitation (Non AQHA)

Lisa Schiestel Show Horses 66 - Hunter Under Saddle - Amateur

The Hankins Family 73 - Hunt Seat Equitation 13 And Under - Youth

The James Family 74 - Hunt Seat Equitation 14-18 - Youth

Clients of Colton Ross Training Centre 152 - Small Fry Western Pleasure - Walk/Trot 9 & Under (Non AQ

Pat Ross Training Centre 155 - Small Fry Hunter Under Saddle - Walk/Trot 9 & Under (Non

Diane Simons & Rick Lee 210 - Leadline - 6 Yrs & Under (Non AQHA)

Canadian Nationals & Gold Rush Futurity Added Money

Gold Rush Futurity


Thank you to our sponsors!!!!!

Weanlings Colts, Geldings & Fillies (non NSBA) $1000 Kirtzinger Quarter Horses

Yearling Colts, Geldings & Fillies (non NSBA) $1000 QHAA

Sheldon Soderberg Memorial 2 Year Old Western Pleasure – Open – NSBA  $1000 Soderberg Quarter Horses

Shannon Burwash Memorial Non Pro Western Pleasure – All Ages - NSBA $1000 Burwash Quarter Horses

3 Year Old Western Pleasure – Open - NSBA $1000 Excel Performance Therapy

Ranch Riding – All Ages – Open –NSBA  $1000 Boehringer Ingelheim

4 Year Old & Over Western Pleasure Maturity – Open – NSBA $1000 My Sleepy Valentine

Yearling Longe Line – Open – NSBA $1000 Lorrie Kadylo and Lyle Jackson

Yearling Longe Line – Non-Pro – NSBA $750 QHAA

 3 Yr Old Hunter Under Saddle – Open – NSBA $1000 Mechanic and Sandra Morgan Quarter Horses

 All Ages Hunter Under Saddle – Non-Pro - NSBA $1000 Southside Dodge Red Deer

4 Year Old & Over Hunter Under Saddle Maturity – Open – NSBA $1000 Empire Oilfield

Photo courtesy of HD2 Sports Media

Photo courtesy of HD2 Sports Media 

Did you know that The Nationals were Naeric approved?

Top placing naeric horses get a naeric payout


The North American Equine Ranching Information Council (NAERIC)

— Voice of the Equine Ranching Industry —

NAERIC is a non-profit association of equine ranchers that serves its members, the horse industry and general public as an agribusiness resource by providing the latest information and research on all aspects of the equine ranching industry—including equine ranch management, horse care, breeding practices and innovative marketing programs.

For more information on NAERIC registered horses, and to search specific horses go to  http://www.naeric.org 

Photo courtesy of HD2 Sports Media

Photo courtesy of HD2 Sports Media 

Canadian Nationals - NSBA classes for all breeds

There was a concurrent NSBA show during the futurities and the regular show.  This means you could show your other breed horse in the NSBA classes. Everyone welcome :).

Photo courtesy of HD2 Sports Media

Photo courtesy of HD2 Sports Media 

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